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Texas Motorcycle Laws

The state of Texas has their laws regarding wearing motorcycle helmets and other road laws. It is vital to follow these motorcycle laws and statutes so as to avoid accidents and other road dangers and keep you out of legal troubles. There are number of laws and statutes that are listed, but knowing the key fundamentals can protect you from any problems with the authorities. The law also differs on whether you are riding your motorcycle on-road or off-road, because both of these conditions still require you to follow specified rules.

When operating a motorcycle on a Texas public road, you are required to wear your helmet (except for those who are over 21 years old and have completed their Department-approved Motorcycle Operating Training Course or those who can present proof of medical insurance coverage not less than $10,000). Eye protect is also required, as well as the use of daytime headlights. As for passengers, those who are 5 years and younger are not allowed to ride the motorcycle unless they are in a sidecar; passengers should have their seat although footrests are not necessary. The state of Texas does not allow lane splitting, with riding two abreast not specifically addressed in the statutes.

For those who operate their motorcycles off-road, the rules may differ from that of riding on public roads. Some of these differences are; headlights and taillights should only be used after sunset, and eye protection is also required. Those who ride off-road has not age limit, except for 14 years and younger who requires adult supervision. Motorcycle license is also not necessary, but helmets are still required.

Despite Texas laws that state does not require riders to wear helmets, it is still best to wear them. According to Williams Kherkher, the chances of getting serious physical injury, such as head trauma and brain and spinal cord injuries are reduced while wearing a helmet. Purchasing and using a helmet approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is really worth considering especially since your physical protection when operating your motorcycle is very limited. Being seriously injured during a motorcycle accident can be crippling not only physically and emotionally, but also financially.

Birth Defects Caused by Zofran

Being pregnant can be one of the most beautiful times in a woman’s life, accompanied by the joy of bringing a new child into the world. Unfortunately, pregnancy can also bring some unwanted side effects which include morning sickness. Originally intended for use in cancer patients suffering from nausea and vomiting, the prescription Zofran soon expanded and began marketing it to pregnant women who suffered from this severe morning sickness. This was despite the shocking fact that the drug was never approved for use in pregnant women. Sadly, pregnant women taking the drugs began noticing devastating birth defects in their children and the link between Zofran and life-long birth defects began being studied.

Three major birth defects were shown to be linked to the use of Zofran, one of the most common being a cleft lip. This birth defect develops between the fourth and seventh weeks of development, when the lips begin and finish forming. According to the website of Williams and Kherkher, when the fetus is exposed to Zofran, the tissue that forms the lip may not fully form causing a small opening in the upper lip, known as a cleft lip. Further, Zofran has also been shown to double the chances of a cleft palate in pregnant women. Similar to a cleft lip, when the tissue that forms the palate does not fully form, an unborn fetus can be left with one or more sections of the palate that are not fully formed. However, the effects of Zofran can stretch beyond a cleft lip or palate. Zofran can even cause congenital heart defects when the blood or heart vessels do not develop normally in a fetus.

Even after the link between Zofran and birth defects were shown, not only had many pregnant women suffered from severe birth defects in their child, but were left with life-changing emotional turmoil and medical bills. The negligence of the company behind Zofran was ultimately responsible for these medical conditions, making action against them often a reasonable and necessary option.

Dangers of the Gas and Oil Industry

Working in the gas and oil industry is one of the most dangerous jobs an individual can have and yet one of the most necessary to society. In a society where the demand for gas and oil is rising, the workers in this field are rising as well. Workers are expected to handle dangerous equipment as well as deal with the threat of explosions during their work day. In fact, an oil worker is 6 times more likely to suffer a fatal injury at work than the average American and our own state of Texas has the highest number of oil and gas fatalities in the nation.

With these risks in place, employers are expected and required to take proper safety measures for their employees. Despite this, according to the website of a Fort Smith personal injury attorney, many companies fail to uphold state and federal safety standards and put their employees at unnecessary risk of injury. Some employees, knowing that the job comes with risks, do not know they can sometimes receive compensation for their suffering if they were injured on the job due to the negligence of their employer.

The dangers associated with working in the oil and gas industry are unavoidable and undeniable. Workers are around combustible materials, dangerous machines, and explosion hazards for up to 12 hours a day. Even with these risks, no employee should settle for less than the highest safety standards from their employer or not receive compensation for a wrongful injury. An oil and gas industry worker should not have any less attention to their injuries than a worker in any other field.

Mobile Apps for Lawyers

Choosing a lawyer can be a difficult process—from price, to area of practice, to personality, and countless other factors, picking the perfect attorney is a daunting process. A new factor that many are considering in our new technology run world is the ease at with an individual can communicate with their lawyers. Lawyers who still rely on office phone calls and emails tend to be harder to contact than ones that you can text on their cell phones when you have an immediate problem. However, firms are creating an even easier and more efficient way to connect with clients when they need them—their own personalized apps.

These apps are downloadable through your phone’s app store and can be personalized to your firm. According to the website of Big Momma Apps, these phone apps allow lawyers to share firm details, provide biographies of their attorneys and support staff, and discuss their practice areas. Even more impressive is that these apps are customized to the specific firm, with the staff of the law firm helping create the app and design it in a way that fits their needs.

In a world that has been overtaken with technology and in which everyone has their cell phone with them at all times, law firms need to take the next step to keep up. Companies are now allowing firms to create their own personalized apps allowing them to connect with their clients more easily then ever. With the push of a button, clients can make the process of picking a lawyer and going through the law process a little more simple.

Content Writing / Copywriting

“Google it”–a phrase that has become commonplace in our technology-ridden society. Search engines have opened the door for answers and information to be at our finger tips and available in seconds. However, the convenience it offers society opens up a new concern for companies creating their websites. Companies must now know how to break through the cluttered Internet search and become higher up on the search results that people look to for answers. This is often a task that many companies cannot do alone.

According to articles written by copywriters online, hiring an effective SEO copy writing and content writing team to write your website can ensure that your website can place you higher on search engine results. Experienced professionals can make sure that the content on your website drives traffic to it and makes people stay. Website content services can handle the landing page to blog posts to make sure your site is armed with the proper content to land on a consumer’s radar.

Years ago, a SEO content and copy writer would not have even existed. But in a world run by not only technology but search engines like Google, these services are necessary to ensure your site is not lost in the clutter of millions of websites.

Types of Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is caused by damage or improper development of the brain, typically before or during birth, although trauma to the brain after birth can cause CP as well. All types of CP affect a person’s ability to control the muscles in their body in some form, but some cause speech or vision impairment as well. According to the website of The Driscoll Firm, P.C., there are three main types of CP: spastic, athetoid/dyskinetic, and ataxic. However, these forms are not exclusive and an individual can suffer from more than one form of CP which is referred to simply as mixed CP.

Spastic CP is the most common of all forms of CP. People with spastic CP have a difficult time controlling muscle groups due to damage to the motor cortex part of their brain. Their movements often appear stiff and jerky and they have a hard time performing tasks such as speaking or handling objects.

Asthetoid CP, or sometimes referred to as Diskinetic CP, is caused by damage to the basal ganglia part of the brain. The basal ganglia is responsible for regulating movements. There are different forms of this type of CP that result from different types of damage. Dystonia is characterized by jerky but repetitive movements. Asthetosis creates very slow movements, and chorea makes a person’s movements very unpredictable and irregular.

Ataxic CP is the least common form of CP. Ataxic CP is caused by damage to the cerebellum, which is the part of the brain that controls balance. As a result, people with Ataxic CP are often shaky, unbalanced, have poor depth perception, and their movements can be jerky and uncoordinated.

To Factor or Not to Factor

The trucking business can get confusing whether you have one truck or a huge fleet. How quickly you get paid can make or break your business. Having cash on hand is important and necessary for the day to day expenses of your business, but unfortunately, many customers are very slow to pay you for your services. According to the website of the freight factoring experts at TBS Factoring Service, freight factoring is another payment option besides having to wait on slow paying customers.

Freight factoring is when you send the invoices for your services to a third party, who pays you immediately, and then that third party collects payment from your customer at a later date. It gets you your money quickly and when you need it. Customers who are extremely slow at paying their invoices can be frustrating, so this kind of service relieves that stress as well. Many factoring services will also offer other services such as referral programs and fuel cards with rewards systems, making it easier to manage all of your expenses in one location.

The downside to factoring is that it is not free. The third party service will pay you less for your haul than what they will be receiving from your customers. The percentage that you will be losing will vary by the particular company offering the service. The benefits of being paid quickly can outweigh the costs of the service, but if you have a very large fleet and complete hauls quickly, the loss can add up fast.

Freight factoring is not for everyone, but for some it can be what allows their business to stay afloat and run smoothly. The costs and benefits must be weighted in your particular situation in order for you to decide if factoring is right for your business.