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Posted by Sandy on Jul 26, 2015

Mobile Apps for Lawyers

Choosing a lawyer can be a difficult process—from price, to area of practice, to personality, and countless other factors, picking the perfect attorney is a daunting process. A new factor that many are considering in our new technology run world is the ease at with an individual can communicate with their lawyers. Lawyers who still rely on office phone calls and emails tend to be harder to contact than ones that you can text on their cell phones when you have an immediate problem. However, firms are creating an even easier and more efficient way to connect with clients when they need them—their own personalized apps.

These apps are downloadable through your phone’s app store and can be personalized to your firm. According to the website of Big Momma Apps, these phone apps allow lawyers to share firm details, provide biographies of their attorneys and support staff, and discuss their practice areas. Even more impressive is that these apps are customized to the specific firm, with the staff of the law firm helping create the app and design it in a way that fits their needs.

In a world that has been overtaken with technology and in which everyone has their cell phone with them at all times, law firms need to take the next step to keep up. Companies are now allowing firms to create their own personalized apps allowing them to connect with their clients more easily then ever. With the push of a button, clients can make the process of picking a lawyer and going through the law process a little more simple.

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