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Posted by Sandy on Mar 8, 2017

Premises Liability and Dog Bites

The responsibility of ensuring the safety of the premises and its occupants is on the property owners and managers. If they have failed to commit to this responsibility and an occupant has been hurt, they may be held liable. This is called premises liability.

Premises liability claims may come in many forms, such as swimming pool accidents, porch or stair collapses, elevator or escalator defects, and fires. But one form of premises liability seems to be overlooked, and that is dog bites.

Dogs should be properly restrained and inaccessible to the premises occupants to prevent dog bites. According to the website of the Georgetown pet bite lawyers of Evans Moore, LLC, there are aggressive legal strategies you can pursue when you have been a victim of such attacks.

Dog bite claims can be very complicated, as there may be issues that need to be determined to make the claims viable, such as the following:

  • Was the victim in the dog owner’s property?
  • Was he or she an invited guest or a trespasser?
  • Was he or she being provocative to the dog?
  • Was the dog restrained to prevent attacks?
  • Did the dog have a history of aggressive behavior?
  • Did the dog owner witness the attack?
  • What did the dog owner do upon witnessing the attack?

Dog bites can inflict certain types of damages to victims, and the victims’ dog bite claims may result into compensation. Some of the possible damages include the following:

  • Injuries: Dog bites can result into light injuries, such as bruises, cuts, and lacerations, and heavy injuries, such as nerve damage and disfigurement. Scarring is also possible.
  • Infections: Since dogs have the tendency to be dirty, the injuries have the possibility to be infected. There is also the danger of complications such as rabies.
  • Medical expenses: Injuries and infections, no matter how light, require medical attention, giving victims and their families financial damage.
  • Lost wages: Getting hurt in a dog biting incident may physically, emotionally, and psychologically limit the victim, resulting into lost time at work and lost earning opportunities.
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